Nuclear Resort Community - May 7, 1986
RSBC member designs Nuclear Resort Community
"Seaside Radiation Cottages" are designed with your future in mind!
RSBC Correspondent and Exeter News Letter  ET, May 07, 1986

HAMPTON - Jay Critchley, director of Nuclear Recycling Consultants (NRC) and member of The distinguished Royal Society Bridge Club of Hampton, New Hampshire addresses fellow members of the RSBC and excited locals with a unique real estate opportunity investment.  An opportunity for all to finally achieve Peace of Mind for themselves and their families!

Ad appearing in Exeter News Letter - May 07, 1986

Exeter News Letter  ET, May 07, 1986  

Radiation cottage ad
called 'entirely serious'

HAMPTON - An advertisement appearing in the real estatte section of Rockingham County Newspapers this week is soliciting buyers interested in "Seasirde Radiation Cottages."
    Jay Critchley, director of Nuclear Recycling Consultants (NRC) and a waiter from Provincetown, Mass., said his company took the advertisement out to "exploit the situation for profits."
    "This is the biggest real estate deal in decades." said Critchley.
    The advertisement offers radiation-proof condominiums with full views of Seabrook Nuclear power station.
    Critchley said he was "entirely serious" about the project and said he would be sending out his proposal to federal state and local officials

in New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
    According to Critchley, the NRC was founded in 1983 to convert and recycle areas around nuclear reactors.  He said this was the second proposal his company has written up.
    The first proposal was to convert Three Mile Island near Harrisvurg, Penn., site of the United States worst industrial nuclear accident, into an historic community park, he said.
    "This is not unlike a lot of real estate deals," said Critchley, "If people have interest, we will move forward with the project."
    Critchley said the NRC is an independant organization without any ties to any activist groups.
    "We're unaffiliated and under-financed", he said.

Artist rendering of 'Radiation proof" cottage

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