Roots and Ramblings of the RSBC
The Story behind the RSBC
What the Royal Society Bridge Club "is"; or perhaps more accurately, "is not".
  • We have no charter
  • We have no by-laws
  • We do have officers, but we never know who they are at any particular time and more important, we don't care to know!
  • We do not elect officers. Nor do we select them. Any member may hold any office whenever he or she feels so inclined. We don't really care because we wouldn't pay any attention to any of our officers, even if we knew who they were!
  • RSBC members, Conservative, Independent or Liberal are in effect... "Free Spirits"
  • We do things by mutual agreement or acclimation if you prefer. To my knowledge we have yet to take a vote on anything
  • Be it known without exception. We are patriots!
  • We have no treasury, because we have no dues, thus we have no money. If we had any money in a treasury, we would probably blow it on buying drinks anyhow.
  • We have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities over the years through our Celebrity Roasts. Many members want to start up the roasts again, but losing two of our key organizers, has slowed us down and dampened our spirits a little, but we will bring back the Roasts one day!! Lord knows, we have enough material.
  • We have no regular meetings, but we do meet regularly by whim or by chance.
  • We do have a club mascot, the great North American Pijowl. This creature is now ~extinct because it could not reproduce. A rare painting of this creature hangs in our Royal Entrance Hall-see below for a full detailed explanation!
  • We do not participate in any organized activities, but we are very active. We go Christmas Caroling on a trolley with piano during the holidays... We have taken bus trips and even ocean cruises to international destinations. However, no one to this day has ever figured out how they were ever organized or by whom...
  • To our knowledge no one who knows how to play bridge has ever been admitted .
  • We have no known criteria for membership! There is no formal application process.  We do have a Royal Application and a Royal Membership committee, but we don't know who the committee members are. Therefore, membership application can be a long process.
  • Our current membership ranges from the unemployed and retired, to former vice-presidents of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize winners and Congressional Leaders. But....most of all, no one cares what level of society, education, politics. profession or business you might have attained, nor how much money you have or don't have.....

......for in the words of Rhett Butler:  "Frankly Scarlett, we don't give a damn!"

Learn the incredible legend of
    the North American Pijowl!
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